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Welcome to MabiBase, the successor to the old Mabinogi Item Database website!

To get started, check out the menu (hotkey: ESC) at the top left.

What's new?

  • Quick & Responsive - The site has been completely rewritten and redesigned with an aim to be quick and responsive in all desktop and mobile environments.
  • Mobile Support - The website is now a web app that you can install to your phone for quick access.
  • Item Preview - Quickly preview and item's details right from the search page, without having to go to the item's page.
  • Dye Simulator - Dye items right from the item page to see what they'd look like in your favorite colors.
  • Push Notifications - Enable notifications from the "Settings" page to receive a push notification when Mabinogi is back online from a maintenance, even when your browser is closed (even on your mobile device!).

What's next?

The site is definitely not finished, but will definitely improve with time.

Behind the scenes, this site is and has always been (even the old sites) run by a single person, so things might move a bit slower than desired. Please help me out by reporting any issues you find using the "Feedback" tool.

Thank you for using MabiBase!